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Positively KronoSight

What is Positively KronoSight? 

Positively KronoSight is our commitment to provide a sustainable, eco-friendly global platform with the smallest possible carbon footprint and a zero-tolerance policy on animal cruelty. In order to achieve this, we take every opportunity to make decisions to positively circumvent damaging practices that run fraught throughout the industry.

In light of this, we only champion brands that embrace sustainability and have a positive impact on the industry as a whole.


How do we select brands and products to be labelled Positively Conscious?


We’ve teamed up with Good On You, an independent agency that evaluates the sustainability of brands across three areas: environmental impact, social sustainability and animal welfare. Large brands need to score a minimum of four out of five on Good On You’s rating system to qualify as Positively Conscious; small brands three out of five.

If a brand does not qualify, some of its individual products may still be able to, if they pass the following criteria:

First, if more than 50% of the product is made from eco-friendly materials. In line with Good On You, the materials we count as eco-friendly are either organic (including cotton, linen, hemp, silk, wool), recycled (including polyester, wool, cotton, leather, nylon, paper, polyamide), or recognised as meeting independent standards such as linen, tencel and ramie.

Second, if the product is certified by reputable organisations or initiatives such as Fairtrade, Fairmined, Climate Neutral or the Forest Stewardship Council.


Who is Good On You?

Good On You is the world’s leading source for fashion brand sustainability ratings. It’s rating system considers each brand’s policies and practices on the treatment of workers, animal welfare and the use of resources, such as energy, water and chemicals. The ratings are based on publicly available information including industry standards, certifications and a brand’s own reporting. Find out more about Good on You here.


What about packaging and transportation?

We've adopted lighter packaging that is fully certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (the gold-standard in sustainable forestry). It's made from cardboard and can be easily recycled. When you're ready to place your order, we'll find the KronoSight partner closest to you. This not only reduces the carbon footprint of your order, but also means you'll receive your order faster than with a less streamlined, eco-friendly delivery system.

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